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Referral form downloadWhat is the Brighter Futures Programme

Parents and the home environment are one of the most important factors in shaping children’s well-being, achievements and prospects.


SERICC’s Brighter Futures aims to enable parents to make confident, informed, choices which they feel are right for their children.


Under this programme SERICC will provide an integrated, intensive and highly personalised offer of help intended to support and equip families to learn and apply parenting skills that develop resourcefulness and resilience while strengthening positive relationships with their children. 



Brighter Futures



Who is it for?

The service is specifically designed for Thurrock parents who have experienced any form of sexual abuse including childhood sexual abuse, sexual violence and / or sexual exploitation.


We will work together with the family to agree a support plan to ensure recovery by building confidence, understanding and rebuilding parenting capacity.  Emotional well-being issues will be explored through appropriate therapeutic support.


Families can be referred to SERICC’s specialist sexual violence counselling and Independent Sexual Violence Advisers (ISVAs) should this be required for additional support needs.


In addition, this service has been designed specifically as a prevention service to raise awareness of online safety, sexual exploitation, recognising and understanding signs of sexual abuse, ‘keep safe’ work, and the impact of childhood sexual abuse and sexual violence has on victims/survivors and families and how it potentially impacts on parenting. 


If you would like to make contact with SERICC’s Brighter Futures Programme you can make a referral or call us directly.


Referral forms can be downloaded from this website. The referral must be sent securely by email to  or Leapfile or Egress.  You can ring  01375 381322 for more details.